Shot Bro!

2 10 2008

I share my parents with three full brothers. If you are still only half way through your first cup of coffee, that makes four sons. My loving parents have no daughters so for the extra talented mathematicians out there, the family sums out to a healthy total of six – not ideal if you we were living in China towards the end of the last millennium, however I think the fact that we are all well above 6ft (also the height of my favourite tennis player) is indication enough that is not the case.

I am by far the most interested and active in running, but not the only one that participates. The two youngsters (26 and 28) also get their running boots on from time to time and have run a couple of half marathons this year. Big boys who pound the tarmac harder than most out there with large gym toned muscles, they still manage to get some decent times without too much training. Hovering around the 1hour 40min mark they are always happy with their times. Now that they have a point of reference to judge a half marathon by, I get asked with a lot more curiosity than before about my times for the same races that they have run. This year in Knysna I had a good run and came in at 1hour 21min 42seconds. The guys are highly impressed. And for the next few days anyone that knows them and that I bump into approaches me with congratulations on an incredibly fast race.

Now as much as I really appreciate the accolades, I always have to laugh a little and point out that, although it is a decent time, it really only looks good from ones point of reference. I am happy with my times, but not very impressed. My point of reference is from those that cross the line first and in the case of the half marathon that margin is at least 15mins in each of these races … now that is impressive. When surfiing DSTV to watch a bit of sport I always try and show the guys the racing snakes out there and then point out how fast these dudes are. Now my brothers have two points of reference. They can compare my fast times to there good ones and the then my times to the actual fastest guys times. Their appreciation for and admiration for the top runners has grown nearly as much as their interest in enjoying their own running.

Ana Ivanovic. Also over 6ft and also not Chinese.

Ana Ivanovic. Also over 6ft and also not Chinese.