Running Who? What?

When you read the words from this blog they will probably have some loose affiliation to running, as that is the general idea here. There are no regulations though, as if you are a runner, the chances are you will be interested in more than just the shoes on your feet and the time spent in them.

I am 34 years old so far and live in Cape Town under the mountain. They call me Pi. Not ideal, but there you are. I run on average three times a week over and on all types of terrain. I dig the hectic trail running and do a lot of that in the winter. I also do triathlons, play touch rugby on the beach, meditate daily, eat a ton of food, can juggle four of most things (girlfriends not advised), ride a 1966 Vespa Called Fabrizio, practice alternative medicine techniques, drink too much but not too often, polish my own shoes, greet people in Italian and was dropped on my head as a child – by my father. I have a cool scar on the back of my head to prove it.

I am extremely fortunate to have been able to realise that the beauty of the world lies in everything and not just in those images, things or experiences that make you feel comfortable or those that you chase after to make you happy.

Welcome to my world of omnipresent beauty, it may not always be presented the way you expect.




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