8 03 2009

Some people reckon Neil Armstrong and his mate Buzz Aldrin took a stroll on the moon a few decades ago. Whether that was true or not, I dig those clunky boots they wore in the pictures. Today’s moonwalkers would probably replace them by Nike’s funky Lunartrainers. If those alleged spacemen had been in these new Nike’s back in the day, there would have been no controversy about the legitimacy of the feat, as you would probably have been clearly able to see that bright glow from the sole’s from the Earth below.

I have been testing a pair of the Nike Lunartrainers and contrary to my first impression (based purely upon visually summing the shoe up) of the shoes attributes as a top road running shoe, I have been utterly flabbergasted to experience the incredible comfort and smooth ‘ride’ of these unique shoes.

The dude at Nike who developed them was locked away for three years in a cell at NASA or something. Only allowed to come out when he had used the space stations technology to develop an extremely light, strong and technologically unique long distance running shoe to put a swoosh on.

Perhaps we should use the same philosophy with Escom, The Stormers, JZ and any other products we feel need improvement – the results you see, were top notch. I am loving the new strange looking, brightly shining, wide based Nike Lunartrainers designed with NASA technology. The unorthodox look will blow you away and so will the smooth and lightweight performance. They are designed to disperse pressure efficiently and the durable new substance is lighter and lasts longer than most others on the market. A winner fore sure.




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