Richies Beach Run

2 03 2009

Robberg Run

Robberg Run

I went away this weekend … the destination was Plettenberg Bay and the occasion was my buddy Corley’s wedding. It was just a weekend affair and although I had arranged a ride to Plett, I was not sure how I was getting home. That meant a tiny bag and the tiny bag meant room for just one pair of shoes. For one brief moment while packing, I actually took out the wedding invitation to check out if the dress code was in any way compatible with my thought process at the time which was along the lines of wearing my DS Trainers. The dress code read: ‘Stylish Cocktail Attire’. Not being too clued up with literature in the fashion world, but having recently only narrowly survived the sharp end of a tongue lashing from a brides mother with regards to my apparent total lack of respect to the stipulated dress code (was I really to know that Black Tie meant a tuxedo and NO converse takkies), I decided I would have to forgo my running shoes for my suave black leather pair of footwear.

This was not a train smash and in fact worked out for the best in the end for me, but perhaps to the detriment of the group I was staying with. You see I decided that as we were going to be celebrating on both the Friday evening as all the guests arrived from many different parts of the world, and then the big show on Sat night, I was definitely going to need a run to sort me out between the two sessions of celebration. I targeted Robberg Beach. A trot from the B.I Hotel to the wreck and back to bring on a sweat. About a 7k run which, after half a case of beer and some festive Tequila, equates to about 21km I should think.

Friday night ended at 3am on Sat morning and I had the best man at my door from 7am hounding me to get up and take his mind of the dreaded speech. He had been fretting over his wedding task for some time now and now the day had arrived, he needed a distraction. A superb morning in Plett and perfect time to go for a run, I ordered him to sod off and I went back to sleep. At about 9am not able to take the bumbling garble coming from his speech practicing mouth, we rounded up the group and did that Robberg Beach run. The sand was hard and the water afterwards was perfect for a dip … the dolphins just metres away agreed. It was the refresher we needed to start with a clean slate for the wedding. The rest of the occasion went smoothly. The Best Man delivered a good one and I managed to look the part of a proper wedding guest from top to toe.

Two days after the event though, the group that joined me for the run are all in pain. They were not ready for different type of running the beach demands you see. My only challenge is to get up tomorrow morning after another festive ‘session’. It’s the editors’ birthday which is sure to be a cracker!




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