Gear Guy

1 02 2009

Gear Guy Pi

Gear Guy Pi

As the gear editor for Runner’s World I get to try out some cool stuff, however I was not convinced that jogging perambulators would fall into the category of cool when I got working on the March issue. Well as you ease back into your day job, I have been sheepishly poking my nose into baby shops looking for the latest in outdoor carriers for kids. At Babies Emporium I found some pretty nifty walkie-talkie things. Baby blue they were with pictures of ducks on them. I could swear there was a hint of lavender when I brought the handset close to my face …..uuuurghum …my camo pair at home are looking a bit worn so perhaps when they finally fall apart I will head back to the store with 12 different kinds of nappies and nab a set … of walkie-talkies that is not nappies. I have no need for nappies. No matter what you may have heard about that new years party. This time I however I walked out with just an off-road pram; complete with shocks and extra large 20inch wheels for better travel over hard-core terrain.
Earlier pro photographer Nick Muzik and I had recce a top spot on Table Mountain to put the pram through the test. Before we headed to the mountain though, I had one more stop to make. You see I have not yet had the pleasure of fathering any children (that I am aware off, I decided I would just keep practicing a little longer to get it just right when the time comes) so I had to improvise. The result was a trip to Fruit & Veg City to pick out the closest watermelon looking baby I could find. The result was a beauty for R39.99, extremely well behaved and a clean nose. We were in business.
Nick and I had some good fun up there and not a peep out of the little fella. When I bumped into a downhill mountain biker punk and challenged him to a cheeky race, I did lay the watermelon kid aside just to make sure there would be no tears. It was a good dice and I think I may well have pipped him at the post had he not jumped over the pram right at the end. The testing went well, although I don’t feel any cooler. Check out the review in the Gear Guide – March 2009 issue of Runner’s World




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