My Boy Blue

29 10 2008
Blue could well be sipping on one of these little beauties

Blue could well be sipping on one of these little beauties

My running buddy, training partner and most importantly great friend, Greg Goodall, has ditched me. For a full 10 days the punk has seen fit to take time out and to head to Mauritius with his family. I call Greg Blue from the movie ‘Old School’ as in “Blue! Blue you my Boy Blue!” take it or leave it… that’s what I call him.

Now Blue is a fine athlete. This year alone he has done some sterling work in the race arena in all sorts of courses. We teamed up for the Hout Bay Challenge and although I was out at favourite drinking hole – Caprice – doping till 1am, and Blue had a cracked Vertebra from showing off on his Mountain Bike the weekend before, together with Rob Broster, we smashed the course record by over 15minutes. Claire, the race organiser, teases that we are soft opting for the team event. 15 minutes Claire! Plus leg 2 and 3 records! Hooo haaa! You can’t turn your nose up at that I am afraid.

Well as I say Blue is now in Mauritius and has left me to take care of business on the training front back at home. Now I reckon if I was living in Detroit, or Perth, or somewhere like that I would be a bit bleak that he was able to change his training space to a subtropical Island (where exactly is this Mauritius place anyway), but being fortunate enough to reside in Cape Town I must say I will continue training with abandon and let me assure you we have had the odd chirp about how I will get some great training sessions in, while Blue languishes on a bar stool or deck chair sipping Mojito’s (while being bitten my mosquitoes! Ha ha) and loosing ground as I get the legs turning over.

The truth is I need the extra training and better get to it. Although we are naturally well matched runners (my guess is Blue has 5% on me) he is in top form and I lost a little ground with a Virus about 2 months back. So now I have to play a little catch-up. Best I stop typing these words and get to it then.




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